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Georgia CLE Requirements

Whether you're an experienced Georgia attorney or a Georgia newly admitted attorney, here's what you need to know about Georgia’s mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) requirements.

Georgia CLE Requirements - General Information

General Information
CLE credit requirement

12 credits annually


1 Ethics

1 Professionalism

3 Trial (for trial attorneys only)

CLE Compliance deadline

December 31

CLE Reporting deadline

March 31

Approved Quimbee formats

COVID-19 UPDATE: The Supreme Court of Georgia has suspended the in-person CLE requirement until March 31, 2021.

On-demand (6 credits)


12 credits with the following limitations:

  • 6 on-demand credits
  • 2 Ethics
  • 2 Professionalism
  • 3 Trial Skills
CLE reporting instructions

Quimbee reports the previous week's attendance to the State Bar of Georgia Commission on Continuing Lawyer Competency each Wednesday. Please retain your certificate as proof of your attendance. You may also access your certificates from our website at any time.

Georgia CLE Requirements

Georgia-licensed attorneys must complete 12 credits each year, including 1 ethics credit, 1 professionalism credit and 3 trial skills credits.

COVID-19 Updates: The Supreme Court of Georgia has suspended the in-person CLE requirement until March 31, 2021.

Georgia-licensed attorneys can complete 6 of their required credits through Quimbee’s on-demand courses.

  • Attend live, in-person accredited programs.

  • Attend self-study/in-house programs.

    • Distance learning programs, including online computer programs.

    • Trial observation

    • In-house courses provided by an attorney’s law firm.

  • Teach accredited CLE programs. Attorneys can earn 3 credits for each hour of presentation.

  • Write legal articles. Attorneys may earn up to 6 credits for writing legal articles.

  • Attend law school courses. Attorneys can earn one half hour of credit for every 60 minutes of instruction.

MCLE credits must be completed by December 31 each year.

Yes, attorneys may carry up to 12 hours to the next reporting cycle. Carryover credits are limited to 6 on-demand credits, 2 ethics credits, 2 professionalism credits, and 3 trial skills credits.

Newly Admitted Attorneys

New members of the Georgia Bar must complete the Transition Into Law Practice Program by the end of the calendar year following the year in which they were admitted. Completion of the Transition Into Law Practice Program will satisfy Georgia’s MCLE requirement for the year of admission and the following year.

CLE Compliance and Reporting

Course sponsors are responsible for reporting attorney attendance. While credits should be completed by 12/31 each year, insufficient credits can be made up during the grace period ending March 31.https://www.gabar.org/membership/memberlogin.cfm

Quimbee reports the previous week’s attendance to the State Bar of Georgia each Wednesday. Attorneys can monitor their records throughout the year by logging into their member profile.


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